I’ve been a gamer since a friend introduced me to original Dungeons & Dragons and Chainmail back in the hoary mists of the Twentieth Century. Since then I’ve played a lot of different games.  My favorite for the past couple of years has been tabletop Warhammer 40K. I enjoy building and painting the figures as well as playing the game.

I also enjoy writing and reading.  I’m currently pursing an MFA at Southern New Hampshire University.



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  1. I’ve found in general that having at least a couple of klaws in your army might be a good idea. Also, I’ve found that trukks are best kept cheap. I’ve run them with extra armor before and while it can be useful, I’ve found it doesn’t come up that much and I’d rather have the points elsewhere. Same with the boarding plank. The extra 2″ can be nice but I’m not sure it is generally worth 15 points for a trukk of boyz. For the price of the extra armor and planks on one of your trukks, you could put a power klaw on someone. So in general I’d take out some of the fancy stuff like the relic bike and so on, and put a klaw on your warboss and your choppa nob. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had maybe three boyz left escorting a klaw nob out of a shot up squad, but as long as the klaw remains they are often a dangerous force.

    I do like the wrecking ball though. One trick I’ve used is to put something like that on the trukk that holds the guys I’m less concerned with getting close to the enemy and putting my better CC unit in the stripped down trukk. Often my opponent will shoot at the trukk with the wrecking ball or good gun on it forgetting that my stripped down vehicle is the one with the dangerous squad in it. Or even if they do take out the stripped down trukk, at least all of my eggs aren’t totally in one basket even if they mostly are. The problem is when they kill all of your transports, which is a real possibility with orks. So in set up use the terrain and position your squads so they can give each other a cover save.

    The lootas are going to be a prime target of your opponent, if he knows anything about orks, because they are a potent glass cannon, which is why they are often deployed in fortifications or in battle wagons. Don’t be afraid to go to ground with them since their survival is more important than their accuracy. Snap shots don’t really hurt them that much anyway. They pack a big punch but like most orks have no defense. So keep them in cover and realize if your opponent has assets that deny a cover save, he’ll use them against your lootas. One way to ameliorate this is to be aggressive with everything else such that if he spends too much time concentrating on your lootas, your bikers and trukks will be up in his face. Of course all of this depends on what your partner and your opponent’s partner have and do, but in general this is what I’ve seen.

    So far as the kannon go, try to position your grots to minimize their chance of taking a morale test, because their morale is so low that once they do they’ll probably not be coming back. Remember that only the removed crew count toward morale tests, not the guns themselves so this can be used to your advantage. For the price of your extra crew and ammo runts you could buy a mek and attach it to the artillery, which would give them much better leadership — sort of the role a runtherder used to have. Not sure I would do this but it is an option. Might be better to have the re-rolls on the guns.

    Just some quick observations. Good luck in the tournament.


  2. Ann,
    We met at HOG when it was in Fremont.

    I’m planning to play a similar event to the Twinn linked thing at the GW store in Union city next month. I don’t know who my partner will be. This the list I built. But I’ve never played Orks before, any helpful feedback?

    +++ Tourney Ork list(750pts)
    Orks: Codex (2014) (Combined Arms Detachment)

    + HQ + (120pts)

    * Snakebite motorcyboar – (120pts)
    Warboss (60pts)
    -Big Choppa (5pts), Shoota, Attack Squig (15pts), Bosspole (5pts), Stikkbombs
    -Gift: Warboss Gazbag’s Blitzbike (35pts)
    -Twin-linked Kustom Dakkablastas
    (‘Ere We Go!, Furious Charge, Independent Character, Mob Rule, Waaagh!)

    + Troops + (297pts)

    * Shoota Boyz + trukk (135pts)
    Boss Nob (24pts)
    -Choppa, Twin-linked Shoota (3pts), Stikkbombs, Bosspole (5pts)+
    10x Boyz (70pts)
    -Choppa, Shoota , Stikkbombs
    Boy w/ Big Shoota (11pts)
    Trukk (30pts)
    -Rokkit Launcha
    (‘Ere We Go!, Furious Charge, Mob Rule) (Ramshackle)

    * Slugga Boyz + trukk (162pts)
    Boss Nob (26pts)
    -Big Choppa(5pts), Shoota, Stikkbombs, Bosspole (5pts)+
    10x Boyz (60pts)
    -Choppa, Slugga , Stikkbombs
    Boy w/ Rokkit Launcha (11pts)
    Trukk (65pts)
    -Big Shoota, Boarding Plank (15pts), Extra Armour (10pts), Wreckin’ Ball (10pts)
    (‘Ere We Go!, Furious Charge, Mob Rule) (Ramshackle)

    + Fast Attack + (105pts)

    *Snakebite cyboars – Warbikers (105pts
    Warbiker Nob (33pts)
    -Big Choppa (5pts), Slugga Warbike, Twin-linked Dakkaguns
    4x Warbiker (72pts)
    Choppa, Slugga, Warbike, Twin-linked Dakkaguns
    (‘Ere We Go!, Furious Charge, Mob Rule)

    + Heavy Support + (228pts)

    *10x + meks – Lootas (159pts)
    * 10x Lootas (140pts)
    Deffgun, Stikkbombs
    * Mek (19pts)
    Choppa, Kustom Mega-blasta (5pts), Mek’s Tools, Stikkbombs
    (‘Ere We Go!, Furious Charge, Mob Rule)

    * Mek Gunz (69pts)
    3x Kannon w/ Grots (54pts)
    – 6x Gretchin, 6x Choppa
    -2x Extra Gretchin (6pts) 2x Choppa
    -3x Ammo Runt (9pts)

    Profile Summary:

    Name WS BS S T W I A L Sv Page
    Warboss 5 2 5 6 3 4 4 9 4+
    Biker Nob 4 2 4 5 2 3 3 7 4+
    Warbiker 4 2 3 5 1 2 2 7 4+
    Boss Nob 4 2 4 4 2 3 3 7 6+
    Ork Boy 4 2 3 4 1 2 2 7 6+
    Loota 4 2 3 4 1 2 2 7 6+
    Mek 4 2 3 4 1 2 2 7 6+
    Gretchin 2 3 2 2 1 2 1 5 –
    Mek Gun – – – 7 2 – – – 3+

    Vehicle BS Front Side Rear HP Type page
    Truck 2 10 10 10 3 Fast, Open toped, Transport

    Name Range Strength AP Type Page
    Big Choppa – +2 5 Melee, 2 hands
    Slugga CC Weapon – user – Melee WH40K

    Big Shoota 36 5 5 Assault 3
    Dakkagun 18 5 5 Assault3
    Deffgun 48 7 4 Heavy D3
    Kannon (Frag)
    Kannon (Shell) 36 4 5 Heavy 1 Blast
    8 3 Heavy 1
    Kustom Dakkablasta 24 6 3 Assault 3
    Kustom Mega-blasta 24 8 2 Assault, Gets Hot
    Rokkit Launcha 24 8 3 Assault 1
    Shoota 18 4 6 Assualt 2
    Slugga 12 4 6 Pistol
    Stikkbomb 8 3 – Assault Grenades WH40K
    Wreckin’ Ball 3 9 4 Assault D3

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